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The Xbox One

xbox one and kinect

Xbox One and Kinect




The Microsoft Xbox One

xbox one kinect

The Xbox One Kinect Sensor


The wireless controller for the Xbox One

















A great new Ubisoft game about getting 3DS StreetPass


watch-dogs street pass 3ds



Playstation 4

First Official pictures of Sony’s PS4 controller. Hopefully picture of the actual Playstation 4 console will be released soon. Click on the pictures for a better look.

PS4 controller

Playstation 4 controller

PS4 controller

Playstation 4 controller

PS4 Camera

Playstation 4 camera


The Podcats: Quantum Conundrum, Rayman Origins and Retro Crowd: Games


Today, I look at some games I’ve been playing recently- Quantum Conundrum (which I liked a lot), Rayman Origins (which I liked a lot) and Diablo III (which I didn’t)- and pimp my new album of videogames tunes. Below are links to two free tracks from the album as well as links to buy the album on CDBaby. The full album and songs are also on Amazon, iTunes and other Digital Download Stores.

Tetris (from Retro Crowd: Games)

Gyruss (from Retro Crowd: Games)


The Podcats: Max Payne 3

I take a look at Max Payne 3


Rockstar’s Next Game- Basil

From the makers of Max Payne 3′s cutscenes



The Podcats: Mass Effect 3 and The Avengers


Pac Effect 3


The Podcats: Skyrim

This week, I look at the sequel to OBLIVION.

It’s SKYRIM, A Game From Bethesda

It’s a short podcats but see if you can make it through without an arrow in your knee.


The Podcats- Assassin’s Creed Revelations

A review of Assassin’s Creed Revelations. Also a look at how a rumour spread faster than anything Einstein could conceive of.

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